How much does an exhibition stand cost?

The cost of an exclusive exhibition stand is influenced by many factors. Therefore, we provide an accurate calculation of the cost only after a stand’s project design is prepared.

Why is it so expensive?

lease read the article by Mr. D. V. Kozlov, Director General of the LLC «Art Expo Action», Moscow.

When is the deadline for filing an application for designing?

At least twenty days before the exhibition opening provided that you have a lot of experience of participation in exhibitions and you know exactly your stand should look like.

What are the requirements for files:

If you are preparing a file for printing, please do not forget to make an allowance for cutting — 5mm on each side. Text and logotypes must not approach the edges by at least 30mm.

File to be printed must be of real size in the formats of TIF, CMYK, 120dpi. LZW, compression can be used.

A file of logotype must be in vector format eps / cdr / ai / pdf

Dimensions of standard panels:

  1. Panel 1m * 2,5 m = 968 * 2374 mm
  2. Panel 0,5m * 2,5 m = 473 * 2374 mm
  3. Front insertion in radial information desks = 1528 * 874 mm
  4. Front insertion in square information desks = 968 * 874 mm
  5. Side insertions in information desks = 473 * 874 mm
  6. Size of countertop of the square information desks = 1 m * 0,5 m
  7. Height of frieze panel = 300 mm

File with the graphics turned out too heavy and can not be sent by e-mail….
What should we do?

Please go to the website: https://www.wetransfer.com/ . Add your files, e-mail address of the recipient, enter your e-mail address. You can add a short informational message (optional). And then click «Submit.» Links for downloading the files will come to the recipient’s and your e-mail addresses. These links will be active for 14 days from the date of downloading them. After that, they will be deleted. This is a free service. The maximum amount of downloaded files is 2 GB.

What can be taken away after the show?

All the equipment belongs to us and shall be rented to your company. However, we do not need some parts of stands, so we recycle them immediately after the exhibition. For example: prints on banners, net, fabric, PVC panels with a logotype or photographs (PVC — is a lightweight plastic that is not used for making our standard panels). Volume letters, if they can be removed from exhibition structures without breaking. A complete list can be obtained from your account manager. The main condition is to take away everything from the pavilion on the closing day of exhibition. Our staff will not be responsible for preservation of dismantled parts.

Is it possible to buy an exhibition stand from us?

No, we are renting exhibition stands only. Stands are designed by your individual order specifically for your company. We build them; we take care of them during the exhibition and we dismantle them after. In such a way, you receive a full service and a new exhibition stand at each event.

What you should expect if you finally bought an exhibition stand:

  • You need to attract people for assembly and disassembly.
  • Appoint a person who will monitor the dismantling, and be responsible for installation at the next exhibition.
  • For dismantling you will need tools, boxes, bags, packing material, scotch, marker, garbage bags and a broom (to clean up).
  • Logistics: transport, loaders.
  • Most importantly is to store properly, in order to preserve parts of the stand for the next year.
  • Please submit for printing changed graphical panels (logotypes, photographs) after a year before the show.
  • Pre-order lost / broken parts of the stand.
  • Please ensure that during the installation you have available drawings, photographs, and most importantly the person who remembers how it was assembled.
  • We advise you to call us! We will be happy to help you! But we strongly believe that everyone should go about his or her own business!

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