Expro Solutions approves the introduction of “green” technologies!

IMG_8969August 29, 2016

Currently there are about 43 billion tons of production and consumption wastes accumulated in Kazakhstan and only 5 percent of which goes for recycling. With such an enormous amount of wastes, waste recycling plants do not have enough materials for processing, because there is a lack of standards of separate waste collection in our country. If you continue to just take them to landfills or dumps, our descendants will have no space to build houses: lands tend to run out, and some of the waste (for example, polyethylene) begin to decompose only after centuries. (The information source is http://namig.kz/)IMG_8967

Our company recently has started and is actively promoting a policy on the separate collection of solid waste. In particular, polyethylene and cardboard are exposed to pressing and further processing of recyclables, glass is also selected to be sent to further processing. We hope that in the near future more and more companies will follow this useful international practice, which allows to address issues both employment assistance and new business areas, and ecologically important aspects of our lives.IMG_8971

We support the additional business opportunities and the environmentally safe world. What about you?